With 5 kids (ages 1.5 – 11), getting everyone ready and out of the door each morning can be a liiittttllleeee hectic for my clients.

One area we knew would instantly help make their mornings easier was getting their master bathroom organized. While the three older girls share another bathroom, their master bathroom is used by the parents and two youngest kids, and is where everyone does their hair. 

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Here’s what we did to make their mornings easier by getting their bathroom organized:

-Pulled everything out and disposed of anything that was no longer used, has expired, or didn’t belong in the bathroom. After the edit we were able to take out a small dresser, creating more breathing room in the bathroom.

-Created zones. Each bathroom category now has a dedicated zone so there’s no guessing where anything is. Zones are custom based on each client’s individual needs. For this client, creating a hair zone to get all their hair tools, products, etc off the counters was a MUST. Everything they need is now in one drawer, organized into smaller bins and labeled by category.

-Used clear bins and labeled them so everything is visible and the whole family knows where things are and where they get put away.

-Kept countertops clear of clutter. With two youngsters in the family, things were getting pulled off the counters and strewn about the house in a blink of an eye. Putting everything away and out of reach helps reduce the chance of a mess later on. It also helps reduce visual clutter creating a more peaceful environment and less stress.

-Moved anything unnecessary out of the bathroom. For this client that meant her jewelry and first aid. We did a MAJOR jewelry edit (the biggest I’ve ever seen) and condensed her jewelry down to one jewelry box. With hard water posing a risk to her jewelry, we moved what was left into her closet. They already had some first aid stored in the kitchen, so we decided to give them more space in the bathroom and move all the first aid to one spot so they know exactly where to look when they need something. 

Afterwards, my client sent me this message: “It’s so empowering to know everything that you own! I feel like I have consumer power now and rather than being sold something I don’t need bc of good marketing.”


Products used in this project:

-Repurposed multiple bins my client already had!

Brother P-Touch Label Maker

Home Edit Clear Plastic Multipurpose bins (get the multi pack to save big!)

Rumbeast 5 Pack Plastic Storage Boxes

Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers 

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A Bathroom Transformation