Oh hey there! I’m so glad you found yourself to my blog. First things first, I’m Lisbet, the owner of So Organized. I’m a dog mom to my little rescue Ducky, an aunt to four wild and beautiful girlies, a live music lover, and am lucky enough to spend my time helping people organize their homes so they can focus their time on the things and people that matter most.

My goal with this blog is to bring you practical, easy tools to get your home and life in order – and of course have fun along the way. What you won’t find here? Me pushing expensive products that simply add to the clutter of your home. What you will find? Useful ways that will help you get organized once and for all and maintain it for life. And listen, sometimes that does mean adding products to create or improve a system – but that only helps after you edit! More on that later.

So again, WELCOME! And let’s have some fun getting so organized.

It’s Time to Get So Organized